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About Abdu Rozik

Superstar singing sensation “Abdu Rozik” born on the 23rd of September 2003, officially named as (Savriqul Muhammadroziqi) was born and raised in Tajikistan. He is well known in Tajikistan and he has released more than 9 songs and is highly sought after due to his unique voice and entertaining performances. Abdu Rozik started his career in 2019 when a local singer / rapper in Tajikistan found him singing in the Bazaar and was mesmerized by his voice and talent.

This was the start of Abdu Rozik’s career and led to his music being reposted by major international celebrities which made him obtain millions of views and likes. Before his online presence rocketed, Abdu made his income and supported his family by singing in the streets of Gishdarva. Due to these humble beginnings Abdu Rozik has a vision to empower other youths and people of determination by showcasing his talents and overcoming the challenges that he faces in his daily life. Abdu has written his own songs based on his experiences and challenges and the words used often reflect his own situation.

“Abdu Rozik Recieving IIIA Award in India for the Best International Celebrity Influencer of the year 2022”

Abdu Rozik is talented, and is able to connect to different cultures by learning to sing in several different languages. He uses his voice to empower others and finds that singing relaxes him and brings in a positive mood. Abdu has the ability to hear music and replicate accents and notes to perfection in any language within days. Rozik’s parents, who are farmers, discovered early on life that Abdu Rozik had rickets, a skeletal disorder that results in soft and weak bones in children due to a vitamin D deficiency. Rickets resulted in his stunted growth which has left him at a mere 94cm. If the right treatment was available to them, rickets could have been cured in his childhood. However, owing to a lack of finances; his parents could not afford to give him the medical attention required, as a result Abdu is the smallest amongst his other four siblings.

Abdu Rozik has two sisters and two brothers. He has only attended 20 days of school in his life and is learning to read and write. He speaks Tajik, Farsi and is actively learning Russian. Rozik is currently sponsored by ifcm.ae, a UAE company and they are responsible for Rozik’s worldwide career. Rozik hopes to eventually build his family a home in the city as they currently live in the mountains around four hour drive from the city.
Rozik has aspirations to encourage other youths to follow their dreams regardless of what challenges they face; and he plans to coach other people of determination in the future.

Rozik has made a base in the UAE with the aim of representing his home country at the Expo 2020 Convention and welcome he has received. He has recently obtained the Golden Visa and is the first in his country to achieve this at just 17 years old. He feels that UAE is the best place to come to network and follow your dreams; he wants to represent his country and become someone that people will be proud to know. He would like to build bridges for business and tourism as well as become a recognized figure in the UAE, Tajikistan and around the world. The UAE has supported Abdu Rozik by providing him this selective visa and by promoting him world-wide as a UAE resident.
With more than 4 million followers from all over the world on social media platforms, Abdu Rozik wishes to travel around the world to meet his fans and perform for all of them. He has been recognized by some of very famous International Artist such as Redone, Mark Walton, A.R Rahman and Guru Randhawa who are highly impressed with his loving personality and harmonious voice. He was also personally invited by the President of Aiba – International Boxing Association to perform at the opening ceremony of the World Boxing Championship in Serbia 2021.
Abdu Rozik’s interest in boxing has led millions to follow him and encourage him to train in the sport. Abdu Rozik’s official trainer is a British born World Boxing Champion fighter Amir Khan with other world champions publically supporting him. Abdu Rozik has also formed relations with several members of Ruling families, famous athletes and international celebrities such as footballer Mo Salah, David Dobrik, Money Kicks and Justsul to name just a few.
Spanish football league (La Liga) in association with Puma selected and announced that Abdu Rozik will be the one to present 2021’s official match ball design to the world. This was an honor to Abdu Rozik as this shows his reach and interaction worldwide.

Social Media Growth History

He has more than 4.6 Million followers on his verified Instagram account and 93.9K+ subscribers on YouTube als0 50K+ followers on Twitter having millions of downloads of his songs. Some of his songs include ‘Chi Dili Zor’, ‘Vatan Modar’ and ‘Chaki Chaki Boron’. Abdu Rozik has more than a million followers on TikTok with more than 1 Billion likes.

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